Protega Wood-C


New, water-borne transparent fire protection paint for wood!
Protega Wood-C is a transparent, halogen-free, waterborne fire protection paint. It can be used to meet fire class B-s1,d0 on surfaces of light wooden materials indoors.

Protega Wood-C is converted into a foam layer when it is exposed to high temperatures. The layer effectively dampens the heat flow to the substrate. In humid environments (RF>75%) or when a wipeable surface is desired, Protega Wood C is protected with Protega Topcoat C, which is approved to achieve fire class B-s1, d0 together with the fire protection paint. Apply a maximum of 100 grams / m² of Protega Topcoat C. Read more about tinting and application on the data sheet for Protega Topcoat C.

Protega Wood-C is used indoors on wood-based light substrates such as birch, pine, spruce with a thickness of at least 8 mm, for B-s1,d0 and density ≥338 kg/m³. For these surfaces, 250 g/m² of the fire protection paint Protega Wood-C must always be applied.

When applying Protega Wood-C white-tinted, it is comparable to applying a white-tinted glaze, i.e. when touch-up the surface becomes whiter. The substrate must be untreated, free of dust and grease. Work should be avoided at lower ambient temperatures than +10°C. The moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 15%.
Apply by roller, brush, air or airless sprayer. Stir well before use. Tools are cleaned in water.
Recommended nozzle is 0.011-0.017 (inch) and a pressure of 120-160 bar.

Product data sheet
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