Protega Steel 1001


Protega Steel 1001 is a matt white, waterborne white, thin film, intumescent paint optimized for 30 and 60 minute fire protection of interior structural steel, but can offer up to 90 minutes protection.

Protega Steel 1001 is halogen free and designed to give a decorative, smooth fibre free finish. These attributes make Steel 1001 easy to apply and wonderful to look at.

In the event of a fire, the paint is transformed into a thick, porous foam layer that delays the flow of heat to the treated structure.

Protega Steel 1001 is used indoors in systems for fire insulation of structural steel works. Apply with roller, brush or airless sprayer.

We have developed a free calculation program to easily calculate the right amount of color, use our Steel Calculator.
Steel Calculator

Steel 1001 is available in 12,5 kg or 25 kg plastic pails.
Art no. 1160-00, 12,5 kg
Art no. 1160-25, 25 kg

ETA 20/1123 for structural steel.
Optimized for fire classes up to R60.
Red List Free.

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