Fire board Ecomastic-1

art no: 4158-10 (smooth) 4159-10 (ribbed)

Fire board Ecomastic-1 is a rockwool board pre-coated on one side with Ecomastic 5FR. Instructed staff using simple tools can easily and quickly install Fire board Ecomastic-1.
After completion, the system can be easily modified to accommodate additional penetration without adversely affecting its integrity.
The pre-coated side of the fireboard transforms into a hard crust, similar to ceramic, when exposed to high temperatures derived from flames or intensive heat radiation from fire. The hard crust of the mastic effectively extinguishes the flow of heat to the surface.

Fireboard Ecomastic-1 is used for sealing of cable and pipe penetrations indoors in class Z2.

Approval / ETA

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