Novatherm 4FRe


Novatherm 4FRe, a white, opaque and swelling fire protection paint for load-bearing steel structures indoors. The fire protection paint is transformed into a thick foam layer when it is exposed to high temperatures in the event of a fire. Novatherm 4FRe is approved for the fire class R30-R90.

With Novatherm 4FRe, achieving a good result is no problem. It contains no fiber, which gives a nice surface finish and makes it easy to apply. You can start your application after a simple stirring, the product always maintains the same high quality. Novatherm 4FRe is tested to a European standard and holds a European approval (ETA 12/0324) for fire insulation of load-bearing steel structures. The product is CE marked.

When it comes to environmental impact, Novatherm 4FRe is one of the best choices among fire protection paints. Recommended by Byggvarubedömningen. Assessed by Sundahus, registered in Basta and in the database for construction products that can be used in Nordic Ecolabelled buildings.

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