We now have EPDs for our products!

As a manufacturer with a strong environmental focus, it was natural for us to develop an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The process has been time-consuming as we have chosen to consider the entire impact, managing the entire life cycle (cradle to grave), whereas some EPDs only handle the impact from manufacturing (cradle to gate).

From July 2022, an EPD must comply with EN 15804+A2, many EPDs will need to be revised. Ours comply with this standard.

You can find our EPDs under the documentation/environmental documents on our website.

In Sweden, we have high goals to build climate-neutral buildings.

Since the climate impact from the construction industry has proven to be significant, it has been important to consider emissions from this sector.

EPDs on building products have become an important source to perform an LCA for the entire building.

Since January 1, this has also become a requirement for products included in the load-bearing structure. This means that fire retardant paint for load-bearing structures must have an EPD.

At Protega, we are driven to preserve great values, which makes our environmental work a natural part of what we do. Much research and work lie behind our products and we strive to maintain the highest environmental assessments in the industry.

To continue this work, it was natural for us to develop EPDs for our products.

We believe that sustainability, long-term vision, and quality always surpass short-term gains. And so far, our customers seem to agree with us. Because it is together with them that we build a safe and sustainable world.

Links to our EPDs on the published public page, environdec site: