Safe, Swedish fire protection for wood

Med Protega Wood-C ger vi nya möjligheter till ett snyggt, säkert brandskydd av trämaterial.

We are increasingly building with wood, and there are many good reasons to choose wood materials. Costs, quality, and climate impact are likely among the primary reasons. Plus, it looks great and creates healthy buildings to live and spend time in. It’s crucial to ensure attractive and durable fire protection so that the building is also safe.

With Protega Wood-C, meeting fire requirements becomes simple and cost-effective for indoor wood materials. The fire retardant paint is water-based, transparent, and can also be tinted in various colors.

In many public buildings, we have a prescribed fire requirement for surface layers, Fire Rating B-s1, d0. This is the highest fire class for wood material surface layers. Protega Wood-C meets B-s1, d0 on wood materials with a minimum thickness of 8 mm and a density of 338 kg/m3 or more. The fire retardant paint Protega Wood-C also has an approved and co-tested topcoat, Protega Topcoat C. Both products are type-approved and monitored by RISE.

Leading contractors in fire protection are our loyal customers, and our product Protega Wood-C is stocked by our distributors such as Alcro/Colorama, Caparol, Flügger, and Nordsjö. Together, we offer solutions for safe, attractive, and secure fire protection without compromising the environment.

For more information, contact us; we have over 30 years of experience in developing fire protection products.

More information, such as product datasheets, type approvals, and more, can be found on the product page, Protega Wood-C