Fire Protection Coatings and Fire Sealing Systems

With local and international roots, and world-class products, we protect the greatest of values – both human and economic.


Quality and Sustainability in Every Product


Since 1988, from Trelleborg, we have developed world-class Swedish fire protection. From a single product line to a complete range of passive fire protection, including fire-resistant paint and sealing solutions for all types of constructions. 

Our growth has been achieved with a constant focus on high quality objectives.

Environmental responsibility is the core of our operation, which is reflected in our products that meet the industry’s strictest environmental assessments. 

Our vision of sustainability and quality permeates everything we do, from manufacturing to the final product.


Our products have been involved in many projects over the years.

Protega is proud to be a part of prominent projects across Sweden, where our innovative and environmentally friendly fire sealing products contribute to safer buildings.

From the ultra-modern Skogome institution on Hisingen, where our fire protection sealant plays a key role in the expansion, to the groundbreaking wooden office building Habitat 7 in Gothenburg, painted with our fire protection paint Protega Wood-C. We are also involved in the development of Kvarnen Gallerian in Uppsala, where our product Novapipe S secures against fire risks, and Comfort Hotel Panorama in Gothenburg, which is now even safer thanks to our products.


The latest from us at Protega

Since its inception, Protega has developed, manufactured, and distributed all products from Verkstadsgatan in Trelleborg. It’s crucial that we have all our expertise in-house; this is how we can work safely and efficiently moving forward. Our focus is on being the best option in the market for buildings, applicators, and the environment. To deliver uncompromising […]

The family-owned company Protega AB was founded in 1988 in Trelleborg. Since its inception, Protega has evolved from selling just a few products to offering a comprehensive range of passive fire protection products, with a strong focus on high environmental and quality standards. Since the beginning, Protega has developed, manufactured, and distributed all its products […]

All products in this digital ad have received the highest environmental rating from the Building Product Assessment. There is a lot of work behind this.

At this centrally located hotel in Gothenburg, Protega’s fire sealing products were used during renovation and expansion.