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Fire Protection / Retardant

Can your fire protection / retardant paints be used outdoors, for example, on facades?

No, they are indoor products. Environmental class Z2, humidity under 85% and temperature above 0°C.

Can Novatherm 1FR be shaded?

No, however, the substrate can be stained before Novatherm 1FR is applied, or alternatively, Protega Top 1FR, Eco can be pigmented, which seals the Novatherm 1FR fire protection paint.

Can Novatherm 1FR be spray applied?

Absolutely, ensure the paint is at room temperature, stir well, a heater on the spray gun reduces the spray mist and results in a better spray pattern. Suitable airless sprayers include, for example, Graco Mark VII or Wagner Prospray 3.29.

What sizes of nozzles do you recommend?

Depending on what is to be applied, nozzle sizes from 0.013″ to 0.025″ can be used, with smaller nozzles producing a smoother final result. The spray angle should be chosen based on the surface to be coated.

What type of respiratory protection should I use
when painting with Protega’s water-based paints?

Use a respirator with the designation S/SL, P2, EN149.

What type of respiratory protection should I use when painting with Top 1FR, Eco?

You should use a half mask with an A1 or A2 filter against organic compounds with a boiling point over 65°C.

How do I ensure that I have applied the correct amount of fire protection paint?

When applying, we recommend using a wet film comb to measure the wet film. If the substrate is steel, you can also advantageously perform a dry film measurement with a dry film gauge.

How is the correct amount of fire
protection paint ensured when painting surface layers
on wood or gypsum substrates?

By using a wet film comb, the wet film is measured. For Novatherm 1FR, the following values apply: 300g/m² = 230µm wet layer.
Protega Wood S: 400g/m² = 305µm wet layer.

How do I calculate the correct amount of Protega Steel 1001 or Steel 1002 for a
steel profile?

Contact teknisksupport@protega.se

Where can one obtain a wet film comb?

Protega offers an aluminum comb with a measurement range from 25µm to 3000µm. Call +46 (0) 410-56780 or email info@protega.se to order.

Must the surface be cleaned first when repainting with
Protega Wood S on previously painted surfaces of non-combustible substrate?

All surfaces must be cleaned of dust and other loose dirt, wiped with a sponge and
lukewarm water, if necessary washed with painter’s wash, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Must the steel be primed before applying
fire protection paint?

Yes, the steel must be primed to prevent rust penetration and to ensure good adhesion to the fire protection paint.

Is there anything special to consider when applying
Protega Topcoat W?

For best results, we recommend that Protega Topcoat W be spray applied. If Topcoat W is pigmented, it is recommended to apply a first thinner layer that is allowed to dry, after which the remaining amount is applied, avoiding rolling over an already applied area.

Fire Sealing

I shall fire seal plastic pipes with Novapipe S
what applies for floors and walls?

When sealing in floors, Novapipe S is installed on the underside of the floor and on walls, Novapipe S is installed on both sides of the wall.

For anchoring in concrete, what type of plug can be used?

Use, for example, Ahlsell concrete screw (505858) or expansion bolt (312231).

Does your bandage Novapipe W need to be cast in?

No, the bandage is wrapped around the pipe and pushed up to the underside of the floor. If an environmental seal is desired, it can be performed with, for example, Novatherm SP.

Should two pieces of Novapipe W be used in floors?

In floors, one bandage/Novapipe W on the underside is sufficient, in walls, it is required from both sides.
The same applies for the products Novastipe and Novapipe S.

Is a collar plate necessary in a gypsum wall when
sealing with, for example, Novaflex?

No, pack with Superwool or equivalent and then apply Novaflex, 25mm deep and 15mm wide.

What is the maximum width of the joint in a “small opening”?

The maximum width is 50mm with Protega Ecomastic SP.

How is the fire board Protega Ecomastic -1 best attached? Use Ecomastic SP sealant or the fire protection paint Ecomastic 5FR (apply generously both on the board and in the opening).