Swedish fire protection with the highest environmental rating.

We have a complete range of fire retardant paint and fire sealing. Protega – Swedish fire protection, manufacturer of fire retardant paint and fire sealing.


Just a few minutes. That's all it takes to turn an incident into a disaster.

It’s these very minutes that justify Protega’s existence. If there’s one thing we understand, it’s the importance of time, not just for preserving human and economic value, but also for creating quality. Because quality takes time.

Since 1988, we have been manufacturing Swedish fire protection of the highest international standard from our production facility in Trelleborg. Gradually, the company has evolved from selling a few products to offering a comprehensive range of passive fire retardant solutions. This includes fire retardant paint for load-bearing steel and wood structures, fire-resistant surface coatings, and products for fire sealing all parts of the building. We have grown steadily without compromising on our own high-quality standards.

"Our driving force is to preserve significant values, making our environmental work a natural commitment for us."

Significant research and effort lie behind the fact that many of our products hold the industry’s highest environmental ratings. We focus not only on the product side but also in our sustainability efforts – throughout the production process. We have set high environmental goals in all areas.

We believe that sustainability, long-term thinking, and quality always outweigh short-term gains and low prices. And so far, it seems our customers agree with us. We are growing, and our production of Swedish sustainable fire retardant is increasing.