Who are Protega?


About Protega

A couple of minutes. That’s the difference between a serious accident and a catastrophe. It is these minutes that are our inspiration.

Since 1988, our goal has been to manufacture and market absolutely world-class fire protection products from our production in Trelleborg. Slowly and surely, the company developed from selling a few products, till today offering a complete range of products in passive fire protection for load-bearing steel and wood structures and fireproof surfaces, as well as sealing system. We have grown slowly but surely, without compromising on our own high quality goals.

Our driving force is to preserve great values, which makes our environmental work a matter of course for us. We are not only best in class on the product side, but also in our sustainability work – throughout the production phase. A lot of research and work is behind our products, keeping the industry’s highest environmental assessment. This means that our products may not always be the cheapest in the short term. But we believe that sustainability, long-term and quality always trump short-term profits and low prices. And so far, our customers seem to agree with us.
Because it is together with them that we build a safe and sustainable world. It is together with them we preserve what is of value – both human and economic.